How to get here

Directions from Buses from the station

  • Take the number 3, 4a, 4b, 4c, or 13 bus and get off at the St Peter's roundabout
  • Turn right and walk St Peter's street for about 5 minutes and Prime is at the end of the road

Directions from Bournemouth railway and bus Stations

  • From exiting Bournemouth Mainline Station: turn right towards Coach House Place
  • You will walk under the big dual carriageway road, and be parallel with the train tracks
  • Turn left onto Park Road
  • At the junction turn left onto Lansdowne Road
  • Cross the road and take the right onto Dean Park Rd
  • At the end of the road go up the stairs and turn right onto Madeira Rd
  • Take the underpass and you will come out on Old Christchurch Rd
  • Turn left onto Fir Vale Road and Prime is at number 10. Welcome home!
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Beyond Prime

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